Insurance Messaging

Whether being driven by Polaris and the imarket for commercial business or by Market Reform for Lloyd’s London Market to improve operating efficiency and competitiveness the growth in adoption of electronic business using electronic messages within insurance is steadily rising.

OCS has been delivering a wide range of business focused IT services to the insurance industry, from early claims, payments and treaty EDI messaging to the latest market solutions for accounting, settlement and ECF using ACORD standards in the London Market and Polaris imarket integration and accreditation for commercial, OCS remain at the centre of helping companies embrace these developments.

Whether it be delivering business knowledge as to the latest technologies and solutions or practical support in implementation, OCS is able to provide the expertise and support you need. Expertise provided by insurance experienced business and IT staff to help you in deciding how to leverage the opportunities, finding out how the market is working or delivering a structured approach and methodology for progressing through the maze of options.

Lloyd’s London Market

  • How to get connected with ACORD messaging
  • Technology and solutions in the Lloyd’s London Market for ACORD messages (gateways, hubs and peer to peer)
  • Document submission to IMR with ACORD standard DRI messages for Accounting and Settlement (A&S) and Electronic Claims File (ECF).

Commercial Insurance

  • Methodology and expertise to support integration into Polaris imarket
  • Technical implementation of secure communication
  • Integration between back-office and Polaris imarket
  • Accreditation for Polaris imarket registration.

General Services

  • Adoption methodology for electronic trading in insurance
  • Business process analysis to define changes for the adoption of message technology
  • Technology review audit and option analysis
  • Gap analysis of functional and system data against message payload contents
  • Integration of back-end systems
    Technical development of messages; HTTPS, SOAP and AMS
    Implementation of Gateways and
  • Message formats
  • Testing of business process and technical implementation.

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