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OCS Profile of Assignments Insurance
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Insurance Solutions and Services

Major International Insurance Broker

A client for over 30 years, OCS Consulting has undertaken numerous service assignments and projects for this Major International Insurance Broker:

  • Application support of a business critical Commercial Property insurance broking application requiring technical skills no longer strategic to the clients changing environment, to stabilise the application and to address a backlog of enhance-ments required to maintain dominant market position. These Services are pro-vided directly to the sponsoring business unit with full accountability for service quality and budget management
  • Development of a leading edge messag-ing application providing advanced stand-ard electronic communication between a group of Major brokers and an interna-tional insurer. OCS undertook the analy-sis, design, development and implemen-tation of an Electronic Data Exchange System. Working to tight budget and time constraints, OCS successfully delivered the application in line with the agreed schedule.Audit of client’s hardware and software environment in preparation for the installation of a broking package pro-vided by a third party. In addition, an audit was undertaken of a standalone sub-system of the above package to assess quality and conformance
  • Provision of Project Management Ser-vices supporting the development and installation of systems.

Market Entity Database

OCS Consulting’s specialist division Power-Builder Solutions undertook enhancements to a Lloyds application that is core to their business, controlling the relationships be-tween all the different entities within Lloyds. This system then feeds all other systems within the Lloyds business

  • Agile support partner for the clients Aviation Insurance System. Undertook the handover of a partly developed client facing decision support web application and complete the development and deployment to business driven dead-line. OCS provided a multidiscipline team working in close collaboration with business users to complete the development, deployment and to provide an on-going support service.

A global leader in insurance, risk management and consulting services

After a significant period of acquisitions, this Global Insurance Leader have embarked on a Transformation Programme to rationalise the systems and employees that have been acquired over the years. In order to support the programme, the client was looking for a supplier who would be able to take on systems earmarked for run-off and provide a robust and resilient service to the business but employ strong financial controls on expenditure. OCS Consulting put together an all embracing support solution that would enable objectives to be met and able to handle whatever technology platform and system would need to be replaced. Five years on, as this insurer adds to its portfolio of acquisitions OCS continues to provide technology support.

Motor Insurance Product Specialist

As one of the leading SAS consultancies in Europe, OCS Consulting were engaged to provide a remote technical team experienced with the development of data migration components to assist the client in migrating data from their IBM data warehouse onto a new platform.

OCS Profile of Assignments Insurance
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Insurance Solutions and Services

Global Insurer and Re-Insurer

OCS Consulting has had a long history with
this Global Insurer and Re-Insurer with historical Projects related to Sybase and PowerBuilder technology supported over the years. More recently, OCS has provided a Managed Service to support a Boat Insure website which has included call-off support, legacy application design, development and support using Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server technologies.

Leading Insurance Broker

Faced with the loss of a core internal team supporting a business-critical legacy Microsoft solution, this client reviewed the options and through previous knowledge of OCS Consulting requested assistance. Within a week, OCS were able to agree and start a flexible outsource arrangement providing the correct service level with the depth to be able to undertake development and support. The service commenced with a short service establishment phase and is now up and run- ning providing support to the business and completely mitigating the risks associated with the internal team leaving.

Insurance Services Company

OCS Consulting have provided a wide range of Project Management and Business Analyst focussed engagements for this International Insurance Services company. OCS’ Project Manager and Business Analyst supported the migration of acquired books of business to a centralised Claims Management system including data analysis and migration. Projects involved liaising with the clients off-shore Claims Administration functions to ensure smooth transition of data and seamless integration into the current call-centre support operation.

Leading Travel Insurance Organisation

This Travel Insurance organisation approached OCS Consulting to develop an online Policy Administration System including expansion of website functionality, improvement of administration console and

improved communication options between company and policyholders. OCS’ approach included: Familiarisation & Planning, Build and Unit Test, User Testing and Go Live.

International Reinsurance Broker

This international Reinsurance Broker approached OCS Consulting to provide business-appropriate IT Infrastructure. The challenge was to implement a robust, secure, resilient and scalable IT environment which would also provide improvements in user productivity at a competitive price. OCS initially undertook an audit/review of the client’s IT
infrastructure, and then submitted recommendations to address the issues. Having successfully delivered the project OCS was engaged to support the clients IT going forward. Services included; Systems Analysis and Information gathering, Project Management, Procurement and provision of hardware and software.

Leading Dutch Insurer

OCS Consulting BV were approached by this leading Dutch Insurer that has a SAS® data warehouse primarily containing information obtained from their members (the insurers). They wanted to offer their members an environment where they can upload their company information and retrieve enriched information from the data warehouse, using
on-demand reporting. In return, this allows the insurers to benchmark their company against the market, to determine their market share. OCS created this benchmarking environment by executing the project from user requirement gathering to delivery of the on-demand report facility, including traceability checks to maintain confidentiality.

OCS Profile of Assignments Insurance
The Extension to Your IT Team

Insurance Solutions and Services

London Market Insurance Company

Following an initial assignment to enhance an existing business application and complete an audit of an associated management information system, OCS Consulting was invited to take overall project management responsibility for the delivery of a range of services. These included the on-going support and upgrade of a range of business applications and the provision of specialist technical consultancy including PowerBuilder and Microsoft, as well as the facilitation of skills transfer to Client Staff.

International Insurance Service Provider

OCS Consulting were asked to provide flexible support services and expertise to this
international Insurance Service Provider. OCS undertook an initial IT Infrastructure Healthcheck/Audit and OCS was engaged to
upgrade the client’s IT infrastructure. Subsequently a flexible Support Contract was put in place. This proved to be a cost-effective solution for the client, whilst giving them security regarding their IT, which is critical to the business. Services provided including: IT Infrastructure Audit/Healthcheck, Infrastructure Upgrade Project (Design, Implementation & Project Management), Hardware &
Software provision, Training, flexible Support arrangements (utilising OCS’ Helpdesk &
standard processes) and Service Management.

Insurance Standards Body

OCS Consulting was appointed by this Insurance Standards Body to provide a responsive, expert testing service to meet increased demand for iMarket accreditation by Broking software vendors. The business benefits by using an IT Consultancy such as OCS included, the scalable extension of Client’s internal capability, expert ISEB accredited testers,
independent test execution and accreditation and the ability to take advantage of OCS’ cost-effective ‘pay as you go’ terms.

Global Insurance Provider

This Global Specialist Insurance Provider required the creation of a public site that was innovative, engaging and modern with dependable robust longevity for this global insurance provider for media/entertainment organisations and performers.

OCS Consulting introduced to the client Agile methodology. The preliminary development iteration focused on establishing the validity of interactive media. Three further iterations delivered a document store, user accounts and community area. The last iteration engaged parent organisation’s compliance team for quality assurance and release. OCS’ Scrum Master ensured each iteration was adequately scoped and prepared, bringing in expertise as required running within a tight budget. Investigations researched capacity to reuse parent systems, including document and user account management modules, establishing ability to integrate
within a different web CMS framework necessary for the preferred design and brand

Leading Reinsurance Organisation

OCS Consulting has undertaken a variety of projects for this client including:

  • The creation of small UK on-call multiskilled team to support transition of systems.
  • Providing a lead technical consultant for an upgrade to a core non-Life reinsurance application to Windows 2000 EE and DB2 v8. The application has a complex architecture utilising PowerBuilder for GUI with CICS Cobol and C components for automated imports and exports from other Client systems. The role included undertaking an initial Scoping Study to determine software stack dependencies, determine the migration path for each sub-system and plan the upgrade project.
    The upgrade project was then delivered to plan which involved extensive liaison
    with the client’s central IT function based in Zurich.
OCS Profile of Assignments Insurance
The Extension to Your IT Team

Insurance Solutions and Services

Insurance Run-off Organisation

OCS Consulting was approached by this London based Insurance Run-off organisation to provide a new, scalable Web solution for online agreement of balances for a large Run-Off Scheme. The solution was to develop a major international extranet to support the international clients in the USA and Japan by providing an application that would allow
the analysis of policies and claims in progress, submit new claims and model expected future claims. The system needed to be highly secure and meet UK legal compliance regulations.

OCS undertook the scoping study, agreeing technical architecture and high-level system design, producing costings and project plan. OCS was responsible for the Project Management, detailed system design, development and deployment, system and load testing, on-going maintenance and support, coaching, handover and documentation.

Leading Health Insurer

As a SAS Gold Partner, OCS Consulting were well positioned to assist this leading health insurer developing a SAS Data warehousing and Analytics Service for Premium Rating. The client required key business decision-makers to tune product pricing and positioning to maximise customer uptake whilst retaining profitability. OCS provided specialist technical consultancy to assist in the segmentation of the client’s existing, large Data Warehouse to accommodate changing business needs. In addition, OCS undertook the analysis of the client’s needs to expand the current EIS system to accommodate new requirements.

International Insurance Company

This International Insurance Company approached OCS Consulting to undertake a performance health check review of its’ Microsoft applications running against

a database to consider operational efficiency and functionality. Subsequently, OCS produced a recommendation report detailing completeness of all applications and their performance stability.

Global Supplier of Insurance Software

Systems consolidation resulting from the acquisition and merging of three insurance software platforms presented the UK professional services team with many issues for this supplier of insurance software. Restructuring amongst the three workforces was unable to fully address the issues, particularly as each workforce operated under different engagement models and methodologies. Lack of skills and resources meant a timeline declared as part of the acquisition business case was at risk.

The Professional Service Director sought an IT resource partner, who could bring in IT
lifecycle experienced consultants that would be able to satisfy existing project resource needs, whilst building the professional service team knowledgebase in the director’s preferred methodologies.

OCS worked alongside the HR Manager to structure a proposed team outline based on the premise that the team would introduce or expand on core skills required to mentor existing professional service team members into the new preferred working models. Using staff and targeted recruitment,
temporary as well as permanent, OCS filled the identified gaps and was able to fill the roles.

Specialist Mutual Assurance Society

This leading Mutual Assurance Society engaged OCS Consulting to assist in defining the Mutual’s web strategy and subsequent web content management system (CMS) for its online Insurance Portal. OCS continued to support the organisation’s online requirements across public and private websites and online applications.

OCS Profile of Assignments Insurance
The Extension to Your IT Team

Insurance Solutions and Services

Global Property and Casualty Insurer

OCS’ specialist Sybase and PowerBuilder Services Division were approached by the client to develop an executive protection policy application with usage across departments within Europe. OCS undertook:

  • Application design
  • Framework design to facilitate link to USA system
  • Fuzzy desk approach – limited valid. Until completion.

Insurance IT Consultancy

This London based Insurance IT Consultancy approached OCS Consulting to develop a software module for their new collaboration tool already in use by their first customer. The Electronic Submission System delivers documents to the Xchanging’s Insurance Market Repository (IMR) in support of the
London Markets Accounting and Settlement initiative. OCS Consulting undertook the
development using Microsoft .NET to integrate the collaboration tool, Web Connectivity (an insurance web gateway), ACORD standards, and Xchanging’s Insurance Market Repository. Working in close collaboration with Insurance business process experts, the project was completed within three months. Used through a standard web browser, the Electronic Submission System is designed for London Market Brokers, Lloyd’s Managing Agents, and International Underwriting Association companies.

Specialist Mutual Insurance Society

This specialist Mutual Insurance Society approached OCS Consulting to provide Business Analysis Resources. The client required a flexible engagement model with resources provided for variable length assignments on a quality guaranteed basis. OCS were able to fulfil this requirement which included; Service Establishment, Client / Supplier Familiarity, Engagement Process, Replacement Process, On-going activities, Service Review Meetings.

Leading Independent Lloyds Broker

As a Lloyd’s broker handling around $600
million of annual premiums for risk solutions to its global client base, this client sought to get more from its online presence, internally and externally. The first step was a renewal of the online platform that included a refreshed website. OCS Consulting successfully delivered the new online platform on time and within budget.

Global Insurer

This global insurer has called upon OCS Consulting for a variety of Project Management and Application Support Services over the years which has seen large OCS teams working alongside client teams. Assignments have included:

  • historical provision of technical consultancy services across ADABAS/Natural and SAS technologies
  • development of an Electronic Information System for one of the UK’s largest composite insurers. The business requirements were identified by OCS by the facilitation of user workshops. The system was then developed, in close association with Client IT and business staff, in order that subsequent support and maintenance could be handled internally
  • design and development of the Client’s corporate security layer using Web Services, Microsoft and encryption technologies to enable secure integration of their online systems with iMarket Portal.

General Insurance Company

When this General Insurance Company headquartered in London wanted an innovative solution to measure corporate and departmental business performance management, delivered in 12 weeks they contacted OCS Consulting for Phase 1 of this project. OCS’ Solution and subsequent delivery included the rationalisation of KPI’s and development of online balanced scorecard including Graphical and tabular representation, “traffic lighting” and Drill-down and reach-through.

OCS Profile of Assignments Insurance
The Extension to Your IT Team

Insurance Solutions and Services

Business Continuity Planning for Major International Insurance Company

In the event of a disaster (for example, a flood, explosion, etc.), this company required plans to be created to ensure the continuation of its business, including the potential for temporary or permanent relocation to alternative premises. OCS Consulting were tasked with the creation and implementation of these plans for many of the company’s branches nationwide, including London City, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow. The role of OCS involved discussions with business leaders from various locations and departments, and creation of plans for each. At a higher level, all plans were linked to allow for central and efficient co-ordination of recovery should a disaster occur.

International Domestic Insurer

OCS Consulting facilitated the introduction of Rapid Application Development (RAD) Techniques into a UK based Insurance Company. The company, which was embarking upon the redevelopment of a number of its core business applications, was keen to implement an innovative methodology to assist in the deployment of business-critical systems. Senior Management attended an OCS hosted Executive Project Briefing and determined that the proposed approach was appropriate for the next development phase. OCS introduced new techniques at the UK Head Office, and augmented the construction phase of the first project by providing appropriate development skills.

A key objective was to ensure that Client employees gained the skills and practical procedures to undertake future developments in-house. OCS provided highly skilled Consultants with total commitment to the success of the project. In addition to facilitating workshops, OCS also provided advice and guidance on the overall project management of the programme of work.

UK Composite Insurers

OCS Consulting provided specialist Project and Programme Management services to a number of UK Composite Insurers including.

  • Project Management of a 25 man-team developing undertaking the analysis, design and development of a core set of
    Insurance Systems covering Policy Administration, Claims management and accounting
  • Project Management of a 30-man team undertaking the development of an online policy administration project. Management of Business Review of existing Sales Commission systems identified for replacement. Strategic review commissioned by the Group IT Director to review customer data held with an objective to identify business opportunities offered by data sharing.
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