OCS Insurance Services is a specialist supplier of IT Solutions to the Insurance sector providing a range of modern and legacy system application support and acquisition integration services. OCS Insurance has established itself as a leader in the delivery of flexible and innovative solutions tailored to the needs of its insurance clients, helping Clients control the cost and varying priorities associated with managing and integrating applications across a wide range of technologies and business functions.

OCS Insurance offers services in a variety of service models that provide complete flexibility on engagements, from annual support contracts to on-call flexible resourcing options.  OCS Insurance has over 30 years of success due to the loyal and professional employees at its core and its insistence on the highest levels of expertise and quality.  By utilising our permanent employees we offer a fully IR35 compliant range of skills and experience.

Our commitment to the successful delivery of services has culminated in a high-level of repeat business, resulting in OCS Insurance developing long-term relationships and becoming a trusted consulting partner and preferred supplier to its Clients.

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OCS Insurance have been assisting organisations in running efficient and effective application support functions. In this time, OCS has gained an understanding that the roles in this area require a wide variety of skills. Technical knowledge is clearly important but almost of equal importance are the communication, management and customer service skills required to manage and resolve not just the issue but the impact of the issue on the business users also.

OCS PowerBuilder - Application Support


OCS Insurance secures the future of your established systems and software.  Inevitably as with most things technology moves on with new tools, development platforms and software development frameworks ever emerging.  Yet, for most businesses the vast bulk of their IT systems and applications are based on earlier technology – legacy software and architecture.  These legacy systems often sustain the business’ IT and are core to one or more business services and is critical these established systems are supported.  

Implementation Projects with OCS Cash Management


Many Insurance organisations go through periods of acquisition and subsequent updating of their estates.  Often inheriting IT systems from others, which typically do not easily fit, raises the question – what to do with them?  Options include retaining the new systems unchanged by integrating them into the existing portfolio and growing the skill-set of the team; migrating to another system or embarking on a new development to reduce the complexity of systems or technologies to support. OCS Insurance have experience of all these types of change.

OCS Insurance Services



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